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Jaguar Mark 10 3.8 Litre
Workshop Repair Manual

Jaguar Mark 10 3.8L Workshop Manual
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This workshop manual is the most comprehensive manual available for repairing and maintaining your Jaguar Mark 10 3.8 Litre.

Suitable for the home workshop mechanic or professional technician this manual will help you repair and maintain your Jaguar. Very easy step by step instructions with lots of diagrams.

This Jaguar Workshop Manual is for the following Jaguar Cars made between 1961-1965.

  • Jaguar Mark 10 3.8 Litre Saloon

Below is a comprehensive list of information contained in this Mark 10 Jaguar Service Manual. All sections show how to remove, repair and replace the parts with full easy to follow descriptions and detailed diagrams.


Car Identification
General Data: Dimensions and weights
Performance Data
Operating Instructions: Instruments, Controls and accessories, Wheel changing, Starting and driving
Overdrive Operating Instructions
Automatic Transmission, Operating and Maintenance
Summary of Maintenance
Recommended Lubricants and Multi-grade Engine Oils
Recommended Hydraulic Fluids
Service Tools
Service Departments
Conversion Tables


Air Cleaner
Bottom Chain Tensioner: Removal & Refitting
Camshafts: Removal, Refitting, Overhaul
Compression Pressures
Connecting Rod and Bearings: Removal, Overhaul, Refitting
Big-end bearing replacement
Crankshaft: Removal, Overhaul, Refitting
Crankshaft Damper and Pulley: Removal, Overhaul, Refitting
Crankshaft Rear Oil Seal: Removal, Replacing the Seal, Refitting
Cylinder Block: Overhaul
Cylinder Head: Removal, Overhaul, Refitting
Decarbonising and Grinding Valves
Engine-Removal and Refitting
Engine-To dismantle
Engine-To assemble
Engine Mountings
Engine Stabilizer
Exhaust Manifolds: Removal, Refitting
Flywheel: Removal, Overhaul, Refitting
Ignition Timing
Inlet Manifold: Removal, Refitting
Oil Filter: Removal, Refitting
Element replacement
Oil Pump: Removal, Dismantling, Overhaul, Reassembling, Refitting
Oil Sump: Removal, Refitting
Pistons and Gudgeon Pins: Removal, Overhaul, Refitting
Routine Maintenance
Sparking Plugs: Service procedure, Analysing service conditions, Standard gap setting
Special Tools
Tappets, Tappet Guides and Adjusting Pads: Removal of tappets and adjusting pads, Overhaul
Timing Gear: Removal, Dismantling, Overhaul, Assembling, Refitting
Valves and Springs: Removal, Overhaul
Valve clearance adjustment
Valve Guides: Replacement
Valve Seat Inserts: Replacement
Valve Timing


Throttle spindle glands
Routine Maintenance
Lubricate carburetter piston damper
Checking carburetter slow running
Cleaning carburetter filters
Fuel pumps
Fuel feed line filter
Carburetters: Removal, Refitting
Cleaning the suction chamber and piston
Carburetter tuning
Float chamber fuel level
Centring the jet
The auxiliary starting carburetter: Adjustment
Thermostatic Switch: Removal, Refitting
Accelerator Linkage: Adjustment


Fuel Pumps: Removal, Refitting, Servicing instructions
Fuel Tanks: Removal, Refitting
Fuel Tank Gauge Units: Removal, Refitting


Routine Maintenance
Checking the radiator water level
Care of the cooling system
Frost Precautions: Anti-freeze
Engine heater
Radiator: Removal, Refitting
Radiator Cowl: Removal, Refitting
Fan: Removal, Refitting
Fan Belt: Removal, Refitting
Thermostat: Removal, Checking, Refitting
Water Pump: Removal, Dismantling, Checking, Reassembly, Refitting
Water Temperature Gauge
Pressure Testing Radiator Cap and Cooling System


Routine Maintenance
Clutch fluid level
Clutch pedal free travel
Hydraulic System-General Instructions
Bleeding the System
Flushing the System
Removing and Refitting a Flexible Hose
The Master Cylinder: Removal, Renewing the Master Cylinder Seals, Master Cylinder Push-rod-Free Travel, Refitting
The Slave Cylinder: Removal, Dismantling, Assembling, Refitting
The Clutch Unit
Clutch Cover Assembly
Release Bearing
Pedal Adjustment
Removal of Clutch: Dismantling, Assembling
Adjusting the Release Levers
1. Using a Borg and Beck Gauge Plate
2. Using the Churchill fixture
3. Using the actual Driven Plate
Data for Clutch Lever Tip Setting
Fault Finding


Gearbox Ratio Data
Routine Maintenance
Gearbox-To remove and refit
Gearbox-To dismantle
Dismantling the mainshaft
Dismantling the constant pinion shaft
Gearbox-To reassemble
Checking layshaft end float
Assembling the mainshaft
Assembling the 2nd gear synchro assembly
Fitting the 2nd gear assembly to the mainshaft
Assembling the 3rd/top synchro assembly
Fitting the 3rd/top synchro assembly to the mainshaft
Assembling the constant pinion shaft
Assembling the gears to the casing
Fitting the top cover
Fitting the rear cover
Fitting the clutch housing


Operating Instructions
Dismantling and Reassembling
Removing the overdrive from the gearbox
Reassembling the overdrive rear casing
Refitting the overdrive to the gearbox
The Relief Valve
The Dashpot
Rotary Solenoid Valve
The Pump


Anti-Creep System
Automatic Gear Changes
Recommended Lubricants
Routine Maintenance
Service Adjustments
Accelerator to Governor Lever Adjustment
Starter Cut Out and Reverse Light Switch
Manual Selector Cable Adjustment
Anti-Creep Throttle Switch Adjustment


Routine Maintenance:
Front Propeller Shaft: Removal, Refitting,
Rear Propeller Shaft: Removal, Refitting
Centre Bearing: Removal, Dismantling, Reassembly, Refitting
Divided Propeller Shaft Alignment
Checking-in the horizontal plane
Checking-in the vertical plane
Adjustment of engine stabilizer
The Universal Joints: Examine and check for wear, Dismantling, Assembling


Routine Maintenance:
Checking the oil level
Half shaft lubrication
Rear wheel bearing lubrication
Changing the rear axle oil
The Axle Unit: Removal, Refitting
The Rear Hubs: Removal, Dismantling, Assembling
Hub bearing end float
The Half Shafts: Removal, Refitting
The Universal Joints: Checking for wear, Dismantling, Assembling
The Differential Unit
The Output Shafts: Removal, Dismantling, Assembling, Refitting
Removing the Differential Assembly from the Carrier
Dismantling the Differential Assembly
Pinion removal
Dismantling the differential unit
Assembling the differential unit
Checking the differential unit for wear
Pinion adjustment
Differential bearing preload and drive gear adjustment
Final assembly
Tooth contact
Ideal contact
High tooth contact
Low tooth contact
Toe contact
Heel contact
Drive gear and pinion movement
Special Tools


Routine Maintenance
Checking the reservoir oil level
Steering tie rods
Oil reservoir filter
Steering idler housing
Recommended Lubricants
(a) Steering in the straight ahead position
(b) Steering on lock
The Steering Unit: Removal, Dismantling, Assembling
The Top End cover
The Rocker shaft cover
Rocker shaft adjustment
Replacement of top end cover oil seal
The Reservoir: Dismantling, inspection and reassembling
Bleeding the System
The Pressure Pump: Operation, Removal, Dismantling, inspection and assembly, Refitting
Fault finding
1. High steering effort
2. Noise
3. Oil leaks
Steering Idler Assembly: Removal, Dismantling, Assembling, Refitting
Lock Stop Adjustment
Front Wheel Alignment
Steering Arm: Removal, Refitting
Tie Rod: Removal, Refitting
Track Rod: Removal, Dismantling, Assembling,
Steering Wheel: Removal, Refitting
Steering Column: Removal, Dismantling, Assembling, Refitting
Lower Steering Column: Removal, Refitting
Accidental Damage
Special Tools


Routine Maintenance: Hydraulic dampers, Wheel bearings
Front Suspension Assembly: Removal, Refitting
Hydraulic Dampers: Removal, Refitting
Coil Springs: Removal, Refitting
Coil spring packing pieces
Wheel Hubs: Removal, Dismantling, Refitting
Bearing end float adjustment
Stub Axle Carriers: Removal, Refitting
Lower Wishbone: Removal, Fitting the rubber/steel bushes, Refitting
Lower Wishbone Ball Joint: Removal, Dismantling, Reassembling
Adjustment of the ball joint, Refitting
Upper Wishbone: Removal, Dismantling, Fitting the rubber/steel bushes, Reassembling, Refitting
Upper Wishbone Ball Joint: Removal, Refitting
Castor Angle Adjustment
Camber Angle Adjustment
Anti-Roll Bar: Removal, Fitting the link arm bush, Refitting
Accidental Damage
Special Tools


Routine Maintenance:
Recommended lubricants
Rear Suspension: Removal, Refitting
Road Spring and Hydraulic Damper Assembly: Removal, Refitting
Hydraulic Dampers: Removal, Refitting
Radius Arm: Removal, Refitting
Wishbone: Removal, Refitting
Wishbone Outer Pivot: Removal, Dismantling, Reassembly, Bearing adjustment, Refitting
Inner Fulcrum Wishbone Mounting Bracket: Removal, Refitting
Rear Wheel Camber - Adjustment
Accidental Damage
Special Tools


Retractor Operation
Routine Maintenance
Brake fluid level
Brake fluid warning light
Footbrake adjustment
Handbrake cable adjustment
Examining the friction pads for wear
Renewing the friction pads
Recommended brake fluids
Bleeding the Brake System
Brake Overhaul-Precautions
The Brake Pedal Box Assembly: Removal & Refitting
Brake linkage-dismantling
Brake linkage-assembling
Setting the operating lever
The Master Cylinders: Removal, Renewing the master cylinder seals
Master cylinder push-rod-adjustment
The Front Calipers: Removal, Refitting
The Rear Calipers: Removal, Refitting
The Front Brake Discs: Removal, Refitting
The Rear Brake Discs: Removal, Refitting
Brake Disc "Run-out"
Renewing the Friction Pads
Renewing the Brake Piston Seals
The Handbrake: Operation
Friction pad carriers-removal
Friction pad carriers-dismantling
Friction pad carriers-assembling
Friction pad carriers-refitting
Handbrake Cable Adjustment
Renewing the handbrake friction pads
Removal and refitting the handbrake cable
Removing and refitting the handbrake control
The Brake Fluid Level and Handbrake Warning Light
Handbrake warning light switch-setting
The Bellows Type Vacuum Servo
Dismantling the unit
Reassembling the unit
Fault finding
Checking the servo unit for vacuum
The vacuum reservoir and check valve
Special Tools


Road Wheels
Inflation Pressures
Tyres - General Infonnation
Construction of the Tyre
Removing and Fitting of Tyres
Tyre Examination
Wheel Alignment and Its Association with Road Camber
Tyre and Wheel Balance
Static Balance
Dynamic Balance
Tyre Replacement and Wheel Interchanging


Side Facia Panel: Removal, Refitting
Glove Box: Removal, Refitting
Screen Rail; Removal Refitting
Bonnet: Removal Refitting
Bonnet Hinge Assembly: Removal Refitting
Bonnet Lock: Removal of the right-hand lock Refitting the right-hand lock
Removal of the left-hand lock Refitting the left-hand lock
Removing the bonnet release lever Refitting the bonnet release lever
Removing the bonnet lock striker pegs Adjustment of the striker pegs
Chrome Strip on Bonnet: Removal Refitting
Mascot: Removal Refitting
Radiator Grille and Surround: Removal Refitting
Luggage Compartment Lid and Hinges: Removal Refitting
Luggage Compartment Locks: Removal Adjusting the locks Refitting
Petrol Filler Lids: Removal Refitting
Front Bumper: Removal Refitting
Front Bumper Over-riders: Removal Refitting
Rear Bumper: Removal Refitting
Rear Bumper Over-riders: Removal Refitting
Windscreen: Removal Refitting
Rear Glass
Front Door and Hinges: Removal Refitting
Rear Door and Hinges: Removal Refitting
Adjusting the door torsion spring
Front and Rear Door Trim Casings: Removal Refitting
Front Door Window Frame and Glass: Removal Refitting
Rear Door Window Frame and Glass: Removal Refitting
Front No Draught Ventilator: Removal Refitting
Rear No Draught Ventilator: Removal Refitting
Front Window Regulator (Manually Operated): Removal Refitting
Rear Window Regulator (Manually Operated): Removal Refitting
Front Window Regulator (Electrically Operated)
Rear Window Regulator (Electrically Operated)
Front Seats and Runners: Removal Refitting
Rear Seat and Squab: Removal Refitting
Polished Wood Cappings: Removal of centre pillar capping Refitting
Removal of screen capping
Removal of screen pillar capping
Removal of rear quarter cant rail capping
Removal of rear cant rail capping
Removal of courtesy light and capping
Removal of front cant rail
Transmission Tunnel Cover and Console: Removal Refitting
Parcel Tray: Removal
Heater Duct Control: Removal Refitting
Door Lock Mechanism: Removal of lock mechanism
Removing the remote control unit
Removing the lock unit
Removing the outside handle base plate assembly
Removing the outside handle
Removing the striker unit
Refitting the lock mechanism
Refitting the remote control unit
Aligning the lock assembly
Refitting the outside handle base plate assembly
Connecting the push button mechanism
Fitting and adjusting the striker unit
Master check for correct alignment
Front doors
Rear doors
Accidental Damage: Replacing the body panels
Checking the Body Underframe Alignment
Checking for distortion in the horizontal plane
Checking for distortion in the vertical plane
Welding Methods
Spot welding
Breaking spot welds
Gas welding
Breaking gas welds





Heater controls
Fan Switch
Air Distribution
Vacuum Servo Unit: Description
Heater Unit: Removal Refitting
Heater Matrix: Removal Refitting
Vacuum Supply Tank: Removal Refitting
Vacuum Servo Unit (Scuttle Ventilator): Removal Refitting
Vacuum Servo Unit (Heater Flaps): Removal Refitting
Fan Motor: Removal Refitting
Heater Water Control Valve: Removal Refitting
Fan Switch: Removal Refitting
Air Temperature Control Panel: Removal Refitting


Heater Controls
Vacuum System


Cold Weather
Adjusting the Jets
Jet Nozzles: Cleaning



Routine Maintenance
Persistent Low State of Charge
Recharging from an External Supply
Preparing New Unfilled, Uncharged Batteries for Service
Preparing New "Dry Charged" Batteries for Service


Ignition Timing
Routine Maintenance
Servicing: Dismantling, Bearing replacement, Reassembly
Distributor Test Data

Flasher Units


Fuse Unit


Generator Model C.48
Routine Maintenance
Performance Data




Light Bulbs
Headlights: Description
Beam Setting
Outer Headlight Replacement
Inner Headlight Replacement
Sidelight Bulb-Replacement
Front Flasher Bulb-Replacement
Rear Flasher BUlb-Replacement
Rear/Brake Light Bulb-Replacement
Number Plate Light Bulb-Replacement
Reversing Light Bulb-Replacement
Interior Light Bulbs-Replacement
Glovebox Light Bulb-Replacement
Flashing Indicator Bulb-Replacement
Overdrive/Automatic Selector Bulb-Replacement
Map Light Bulb-Replacement
Indicator Strip Bulbs-Replacement

RB 340 Current and Voltage Regulator

Preliminary Checking of Charging Circuit
Voltage Regulator Adjustment
Current Regulator Adjustment
Cut-out Adjustment
Cleaning Regulator Contacts
Cleaning Cut-out Contacts

Starter Motor

Routine Maintenance
Performance Data

Starter Drive

Routine Maintenance
Dismantling and Reassembling

Windscreen Wiper

Removal of Wiper Motor and Cable
Disconnecting the Cable
Removal of Wheelboxes
Fault Diagnosis


Removal of Window Regulator
Refitting of Window Regulator
System Employed on Early cars
System Employed after Later cars
Driver's Control Switches
Rear Passenger's Control Switches


Intermediate Speed Hold Switch: Removal Refitting
Electric Clock: Removal Adjustment Refitting
Brake Fluid and Handbrake Warning Light: Renewing the Bulb
Flashing Indicator Control: Removal Refitting
Overdrive Switch: Removal Refitting
Wiring Diagram
Wiring Diagram


Screen Rail: Removal Refitting
The Instrument Panel: Opening Removal Refitting Closing
The Glove Box: Removal Refitting
Side Facia Panel: Removal Refitting
Speedometer: Removal Refitting
Revolution Counter and Clock: Removal Refitting
Revolution Counter Drive: Removal Refitting
Removal of the Instrument Panel Components:
Ignition Switch
Cigar Lighter Element
Cigar Lighter Unit
Starter Push Button
Head and Side Light Switch
Tumbler Switches
Ammeter and Oil Pressure Gauges
Fuel and Water Temperature Gauges
Voltage Regulator
Switch Indicator Strip
Engine Temperature, Fuel Tank Contents and Oil Pressure Gauges
Operation of the engine temperature gauge
Operation of the fuel tanks gauge
Operation of the oil pressure gauge
Analysis of faults (Engine Temperature and Petrol Gauge)
Analysis of faults (Oil Pressure Gauge)
Speedometer Cable: Removal Refitting
Speedometer Cable-General Instructions
Speedometer-General Instructions

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